2022 Assembly


Reflection from RENATE member Clare O’ Mahony, olcgs, on her ministry in recent times.


In Northern Ireland, since January 2018,  we have not had statutory events or discussion meetings concerning the overall work undertaken  in relation to trafficking of women for sexual exploitation or, as has been prevalent here migrant workers trafficked for economic  exploitation.   Both these problems are still part of our reality and the dearth of focus or sharing of supports in place is probably due to the absence of our Executive functioning.

Two slender signs of positive energy being focussed and expended  are –

  1. The continued functioning of Solace – small accommodation refuge  for victims. This is the project of a most Christian couple who have set up and welcome  residents to their six-bedded unit in the countryside, where genuine healing space is offered.
  2. I am aware of a strong support group that supports this vibrant unit.  This group has a functioning Charity Shop that provides much-needed finance and is a great support to Solace.
  3. Our main event in this year was  the coming together of three groups to reflect and pray, sharing their prayer contribution on the Feast of Saint Bakita and their inclusion of prayer for the eradication of the trafficking scourge from our local  environment. where horrific cases have emerged and been exposed.

Clare O’Mahony.

Pastoral Outreach.