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Medaille Trust & the UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons – July 30th 2016


Saturday 30th July, 2016, was the UN World Day against Trafficking in Persons. To mark this day the Modern Slavery Partnership (MSP) carried out a campaign on the Isle of Wight (IOW). Following consultation with the IOW MSP group, this day was noted by raising awareness and recognising the value of seasonal workers on the IOW and condemning any exploitative practise.
The IOW MSP group highlighted to businesses and people living on the IOW that seasonal workers have a significant role to play in the IOW local economy and that the work they do is valued by many. The MSP felt that it was also important to raise awareness about some cases of seasonal workers, due to their transient nature and status, who can be particularly vulnerable to labour exploitation.
A letter was created with input from the Medaille Trust, the Isle of Wight Police and the Gangmasters Licensing Authority. The letter highlighted the issue of labour exploitation of seasonal workers. It also encouraged companies to support the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Modern Slavery Partnership in three ways. Firstly, by signing up to the Modern Slavery Partnership via the website , secondly, to look out for signs of modern slavery and any exploitation of seasonal workers and thirdly to report any concerns to the authorities immediately. The latter in order that appropriate action can be taken and potential victims can be safeguarded. In total, 19 letters were emailed and 25 letters were sent out to relevant companies who may be employing seasonal workers.
The social media coverage of the campaign can be viewed on the MSP Facebook and Twitter pages. We were able to reach an extensive audience through social media. Between July 27th and August 2nd 2016, 17,816 people were reached through the MSP Facebook page and there were 3,775 total video views.
The social media clips were filmed by the Medaille Trust MSP coordinator starring Sergeant Mark Lyth of the IOW Rural Police.
Overall the MSP were very pleased with the significant reach of the campaign and were thankful for everybody who supported us.
Prepared by Jess Gealor, Medaille Trust UK.