2022 Assembly


Launch of Bakhita Network website, Poland.


In May 2016, The Bakhita Network for the Prevention and Aid for the Victims of Contemporary Slavery in Poland, launched a dedicated website where you will find resources, true stories of the victims of human trafficking and other interesting information
Bakhita is a national, inter-congregational network of cooperation and support, created to combat and prevent human trafficking. The network also assists victims of this crime.
The members are persons from different religious congregations, associations, and also lay people committed to this issue. Among them there are people working directly with the victims of human trafficking, working in all kinds of support institutions and also people involved in the prevention and the educational and prophylactic activity.
For more, please see
Sr. Joanna Lipowska FMM,
The President of the Bakhita Network.
Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.