2022 Assembly

Help in Slovenia


1. Where can I go to access help relating to Human Trafficking in Slovenia?

Caritas Slovenia
Tel: +386 31 470 151
Service for trafficked victims in Slovenia
Two kinds of service are offered, crisis accommodation and safe accommodation.
Crisis Accomodation is very high level of support, twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week within a safe house. Victims stay in it up to 5 days.
They are offered:

  • Appropriate and secure accommodation
  • Psychological and material assistance
  • Access to emergency medical treatment
  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Counselling
  • Information regarding legal rights and services available in a language they can understand
  • Assistance during criminal proceedings against offenders

If victims accept help, they are taken to another safe place. They are then continued to be offered above described. The safe accomodationis available for up to one year or until it is necessary. Key worker stay in accommodation if it is necessary, usually they only visit the house. If victims wish to return to their country, we help them with arrangements for their return (ticket, pocket money, accompany to station, call anti trafficking organization in home country to wait for victim, help with documents).
There is also a reintegration program for victims who wish to stay in Slovenia.