2022 Assembly


Dangers of Internet Relationships – trafficking victims


Internet datingTraffickers are increasingly looking on the internet to find their next victims. So many people are now turning to the internet as a way to find friendship, love and work that the traffickers are tapping into these recruitment methods to try and get many young people to become their next victim.
Beware of all types of predators on the internet. Any offer of love, work or friendship must be treated with a great deal of mistrust until you have fully researched :
– who the person is you are talking with online
– who else has things to say about them on the internet that can prove they are trustworthy
NEVER go to meet your new contacts you have met online alone – always take an adult with you to help determine how genuine they are.
NEVER go to meet your new contacts you have met online without telling someone else about the meeting including who you are meeting, where you are meeting and any other background information you know about this person.