2022 Assembly


Co-responsibility in combatting Human Trafficking and Exploitation- activities through Advent and beyond……



The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares every person’s entitlement to Human Rights. Claiming these rights begs co-responsibility of all people.  Our responsibilities to combat human trafficking can be achieved through a myriad of ways, many of which call for simple changes in lifestyles and attitudes. For example, our demand for cheap goods, cheap clothing, cheap foods such as seafoods etc. in turn has fed into the human trafficking and exploitation arena in sourcing cheap labour- each of us can make a difference by minimising our consumerism and ‘possession obsession!’

In the face of increased displacement of people due to global warming and climate change, most of whom are vulnerable to traffickers who promise them a means of escape and the possibility of a better quality of life, we can redress the harm done to our planet.

We can also take more positive action with those living in poverty, by not turning a blind eye and sharing our own abundances, be they food, material wealth, practical belongings and capacities to volunteer, advocate and campaign.

The Future We Need is a Faith-based group who together with have prepared a series of leaflets to guide us through the season of Advent.

Please find below resources for the forthcoming fortnight, more will feature next week.

Advent Week One Rights of Nature final

Advent Week Two Consumerism final

Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.