2022 Assembly

Activities to Raise Awareness at the Moyale Border Between Kenya and Ethiopia


Foster partnerships, encourage collaborations, and propose practical and concrete solutions to combat human trafficking in the Moyale border hotspot between Kenya and Ethiopia. The participation of Church and Civil Society authorities, representatives of youth, district teachers was of paramount importance.

“Moyale Ethiopia-Kenya border was chosen because as per research conducted in 2019 in one of the temporary settlements in Nairobi where slaughterhouses are located, many of the workers were children from Ethiopia. How they crossed the border unscathed remains a mystery. So we decided to conduct HT awareness-raising activity in that specific place so that gatekeepers from government (police-local administrators), Church leaders both Christians and Muslims will be made aware of what is happening and to make them aware that Talitha Kum Kenya came for that purpose. We challenged them that it’s an omission of sin if we see evil things happening yet not doing anything. Our activity challenged them to know the cause and draft an action plan to combat trafficking, especially Ethiopians to Kenya either transit or point of destination. There’s a need to do a follow-up activity and create a committee to serve as a referral mechanism. They have been given the toll free number to immediately report any case that needs attention.”

Sr. Laura Llanes, FDCC 
RAHT – Kenya Coordinator