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Stories of Statelessness- Spotlight on the risks of human trafficking and people smuggling, experienced by the Rohingya people.



Figure 1:Rohingya mother with two month old infant at refugee shelter in Indonesia. CNS Photo/ Dedi Sinuhaji (EPA).

The humanitarian crisis as the Rohingya people flee across the border from Myanmar to Bangladesh in search of safety, creates the perfect situation for criminals to exploit the vulnerable. Already reports are emerging, about people smugglers and human traffickers taking advantage of the exhausted and hungry refugees.
Sr. Clare Nolan, the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, shares with us the experiences of Ameera, aged 42 and widowed in Myanmar; Saniyi, aged 13 when she migrated and BiBi, a 47 year old mother, Rohingya women whose stories pluck at our heart strings and yet bear some hope for the future.
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Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications person.

Modern Slavery in the nail-bar sector and cannabis cultivation in the UK.


UK independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, H.E. Kevin Hyland, OBE has called for tighter regulation of the nail-bar industry in the UK, in an effort to address the exploitation of girls and women trafficked from Vietnam.
Citing a report commissioned by his office to highlight the criminality in this area, ‘’Combating modern slavery experienced by Vietnamese nationals en route to and within, the UK,’’ Vietnam consistently ranks as one of the top three source-countries for potential victims of modern slavery in Britain.
While most of the victims trafficked from Vietnam are exploited for labour purposes in cannabis cultivation and nail bars, many are sexually exploited. Data suggests that over half of the victims are children.
You can access the full report at:
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.

Displacement of people means an increased risk of human trafficking and exploitation.


Legislation that is open to interpretation, has led to a complex and unjust situation for migrant workers in the fashion sector in California. Unable to secure status, many workers accept less than the minimum wage and work in pitiful conditions, to manufacture trendy clothing that retails at exorbitant prices.
In an article in the Los Angeles Times of 31 August, 2017, Natalie Kitroeff and Victoria Kim write that ‘’…sweatshop wages are the hidden cost of the bargains that make …stores impossible to resist.’’  
In our demand for cheap clothes, cheap shoes and cheap goods, we overlook the harsh reality of life for those slaving away for little or no wages, in order to feed our consumption.
For more on that reality, please see:
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.

"Fashion and/as a waste" – how to give new life to clothes as well as to people – clients of Caritas, especially victims of human trafficking. Mgr Jana Urbanová, STOP Human Trafficking Prevention Campaigns Coordinator.


On the 20th August last, the STOP Human Trafficking project organised its 2nd awareness- raising event in Caritas‘ beautiful gardens at the heart of the old city of Bratislava.  
Once again the event began with an unconventional fashion show which was followed by an auction.  
Caritas´ employees and volunteers of all sizes and ages,  modeled 16 outfits which were created from clothes and accessories donated to the Caritas´ Warehouse of Solidarity.’ 
Mgr Jana Urbanova, STOP Human Trafficking Prevention Campaigns Coordinator, has compiled an interesting report on this year’s fashion show, available below.
Please click here to read the full report: “Fashion and/as a waste” – How to give new life to clothes as well as to people – clients of Caritas, especially victims of human trafficking.

The juju curse that binds trafficked Nigerian women into sex slavery.


Traditional west African ‘healers’ and Sicilian psychiatrists are struggling to help free Nigerian women forced into prostitution.

Figure 1 Photograph: Francesco Bellina/Censura.

Prophetess Odasani says she drives out the spirits afflicting women who come to her backstreet ‘church’ in Palermo.
In an article which featured in The Guardian newspaper on Sunday, 3 September 2017, we learned about the juju curse binding women and girls from Nigeria into modern slavery. They are then trafficked to Europe and the UK, where according to the authors Lorenzo Tondo and Annie Kelly,  ‘’The abuse of religious and cultural belief systems in Nigeria has proved a deadly and effective control mechanism for traffickers involved in the recruitment of women destined for the sex trade in Europe.’’
Full article below: The juju curse that binds trafficked Nigerian women into sex slavery.
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.

Few places are safe from human trafficking as victims of human trafficking have been identified in small and remote Scottish communities.


The Scottish government has launched a new awareness campaign to challenge the perception that human trafficking is confined to Scotland’s major towns and cities.
Even the most remote and rural areas of Scotland, are not exempt from trafficking, as indicated by recently published information from the Scottish government, identifying areas in the country where victims of trafficking had been located over the past five years. The information illustrates how close to home the issue can be.
All of Scotland’s major cities feature on the list, alongside smaller towns.
Justice secretary Michael Matheson said human trafficking was “an appalling abuse of human rights”.
Research published earlier in 2017 showed that 54% of people did not think it was an issue in their local area, but victims have been identified in 27 out of Scotland’s 32 local authorities over the last five years.
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Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.

Sponsored Continuing Professional Development/Capacity Building opportunities.


E-Bulletin No. 13.    September 2017.
Dear friends,
Imelda Poole, IBVM, RENATE President wishes to bring the following opportunity to your attention.
As RENATE is one of the Porticus partner organisations, an opportunity has arisen whereby you can apply to participate in the ERSTE Foundation NGO Academy Regional Programme 2017/2018. But you need to act quickly as time is brief!
For a selection of the respective workshops as well as the opportunity to register, please click here:
It is likely that you will have to register to the moodle-platform first of all, if you don’t already have an existing account.
As the registration is already open, you need to act quickly to select one or more of the workshops.
Please be careful to only apply for a course in which you have a real interest, as course-places are at a premium.
Information is available in several local languages, as follows:
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We hope that you can avail of this valuable opportunity.  
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Celebration of 10th Anniversary of the AMARANTA SOLIDARITY FOUNDATION, Spain.


E-Bulletin No. 12.    September 2017.
‘’Dear Sisters:
It is a pleasure for me to invite you to our Anniversary party on September 19th. We will celebrate 10 years of the AMARANTA SOLIDARITY FOUNDATION, on a path that did not start here, but began with the our congregation.
We want this to be a space of thanksgiving for this congregational initiative to respond to the realities of exclusion, violence and lack of rights for women, in a world of ever-changing structures. Ten years of searching for a new way of being in society as Sister Adorers.
The illusion of taking the history and the life of Micaela very far has encouraged us. We have tried to learn from their passion and courage “for them everything is little done to me”. So step by step we have reached this time.
WOMEN WHO NEVER GIVE UP, was the motto we gave to our Foundation. Sisters Adorers on the way and walking. Without pause.
For all this I invite you to be present, physically, mentally or spiritually, in any way you can. Yes, have us in your heart and in your prayers. 
We wait for you. An affectionate hug.
 Pilar Casas Navarro.’’